Jacob up coming casts an enchantment that triggered everybody in the guild to help you disappear, apart from Mavis

Jacob up coming casts an enchantment that triggered everybody in the guild to help you disappear, apart from Mavis

Whenever Lucy wakes up, she finds an involuntary Natsu Dragneel fastened and locked in order to a good settee and finds out she actually is tied as well

Because the Lucy and you can Pleased are busy looking after Natsu, the entire guild hall try not as much as attack because of the one of several Spriggan twelve: Jacob Lessio. However, thanks to Horologium; Natsu, Lucy and Pleased was indeed protected from Jacob’s enchantment but all of the turned into nude along the way far so you can Lucy’s embarrassment. When you’re Mavis was being assaulted, Lucy leaps as time passes and you will kicks Jacob for the lead. Jacob then tries to assault Lucy but Natsu rushed right up when you look at the some time conserved their. Natsu jeopardize to lose Jacob towards the ash to possess trying to spoil Lucy given that latter, Delighted and Mavis was in fact all shocked and you may pleased one Natsu features awoken of their unconsciousness.

Along with her Natsu and you can Lucy battled brand new Secure regarding Spriggan, but was indeed overloaded in which he prepared to destroy their friends. not, Lucy used this lady quick-thinking and Natsu shown satisfaction into the Lucy when she were able to outsmart Jacob of the bringing straight back folk to help you new guild hall, Lucy in addition to beamed when Natsu beaten Jacob.

In the event the negotiation not work right, Natsu safe Lucy on the secret king’s attack in advance of he is teleported from the August’s associate Irene Belserion lead to Natsu obtaining toward Lucy to help you this lady embarrassment

After, Lucy and you will Natsu fight brand new Alvarez armed forces along with their guildmates prior to he or she is caught up by the a huge Brandish whom offers to spare only him or her and you may Happy saying people they know are not any match into Spriggan several. Lucy observe just like the Natsu says to Brandish she certainly will not know how strong Fairy End its is and you may dares her locate out due to the fact Lucy protests from this decision. Yet not, up until the dialogue continues on another one of Spriggan twelve Neinhart appears and you can interpreting Brandish’s tips just as one betrayal periods her and the fairy tail mages. His tips was thwarted when Natsu ignores Brandish’s pleas to not ever take part Neinhart and impacts your throughout the deal with sending him traveling shocking Brandish. Lucy cheers Natsu towards the to possess their profit as well as for his enterprise belief within guild.

Natsu abruptly clutches their boobs and collapses which have Happy and you may Lucy screaming over to your inside the matter. When requested aforementioned what happened, Brandish reminds her or him that it was she who shrunk Natsu’s tumefaction in the first place militärische Dating-Seite. Lucy concerns the new Spriggan for her measures, Brandish answers you to definitely whether or not she don’t contains a personal grudge facing Lucy, she need to find from solution to the fresh new uncertainty inside her center. Lucy attempts to choice a take on Brandish when she beats her, the newest Spriggan will compress brand new cyst. Brandish sooner allows they plus the a couple competition towards, that have Lucy towards the shedding front side. Even though she knows she might not match Brandish’s wonders, she exclaims you to definitely she’s going to always endeavor to possess Natsu zero amount the price.

Dimaria interupts the battle, she immediately episodes Brandish then kidnaps Natsu and you can Lucy, holding them attentive. Dimaria then tortures Lucy and attempts to stab out the woman eyes since she around phone calls aside having Natsu. But at the very last minute, Natsu gets up unleashes his power out of E.Letter.D. and you will holiday breaks without their constraints, completely capable move within this Dimaria’s big date freeze magic, the guy savagely attacks a shocked Dimaria, saving Lucy. Just after beating Dimaria, Natsu following looked if Lucy is alright but discovers blood up to Lucy’s vision and immediately after trying wake the woman, he assumed that low-receptive Lucy was lifeless (unsure this was a direct result Dimaria’s wonders), losing their best friend explanations Natsu to get rid of tears and claim revenge on Zeref. And also this lead to their newfound devil capability to have your and you can Natsu remaining the new chamber looking their sibling.

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