I ended up dating this girl for a while as well, all from a conversation about pasta sauce

I ended up dating this girl for a while as well, all from a conversation about pasta sauce

If you want to start approaching women in the grocery store this is a fantastic way to get some confidence and open some conversations

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Everybody needs to eat, if you looking for a new place to meet women you should start approaching women at the grocery store. Personally I think the grocery store is a fantastic place to meet women. Most guys don’t think of approaching women when they are https://hookupdate.net/chat-avenue-review/ shopping for food, in fact most guys know exactly what they want they go in buy it and walk out not even looking around at how many women there are walking around.

I think the best part approaching women in the grocery store is you can get a pretty fair idea if she is single or not by seeing what’s in her basket, or what she is buying. If on the other hand she has a basket with some meals for one chances are she is single. Now I know people will say «Well may be she is buying formula for her sisters baby» or «She might be buying meals for one because her boyfriend does not live with her» Hey I did not say it was 100% accurate but more times than not it is a good judge.

Before I give you some tips so you can start approaching women in the grocery store let me tell you what not to do. If you see a girl you like don’t try that bumping your trolley into hers move, its amateur. I have seen guy bump there trolley into hers and then do the «Oh I am sorry» A move like that is about as successful as asking a women for the time then trying to pick her up.

I remember when my mentor was talking about >approaching women in the grocery store he said the best way was if you see an attractive girl, start looking at a product on the shelf, when she walked past, you would say something like «Hey let me ask you a question» not excuse me or may I just go into it. «My Mum and Dad are coming over on the weekend and I am cooking them dinner, I really don’t want to screw it up, do you recommend this for..» you fill in the blanks. His idea behind this was, the Mum and Dad line showed family was important to you which is an attractive quality, the lm cooking showed you will try things while the do you recommend was a great way to get the conversation started. No word of a lie the second time I used this to open a conversation the girl asked when where my parents coming around, I told her in three nights, she gave me her number and said if I run into any problems call her.

Now a days I go a little more direct, I will look what’s in her basket and ask her about it. If there is dog food or cat food I will ask what kind of cat or dog does she have, or if there is only fruit and vegetables in her basket ask if she is vegetarian. Quick tip when I ask a question she will give me her answer then I will always say «The reason I ask is..» . I will give you a quick example if she was buying dog food I would ask what kind of dog do you have she will say blah blah blah and then I will say «The reason I ask is my friend has a dog and..» Always have a reason if you asking questions and have a quick follow up story. There is nothing worse than when a guy asks a question the girl answers and because he has nothing to say he says «Oh cool» then there is that uncomfortable pause, always be ready with your story, make it short and funny.

If you see diapers or formula big chance she has a child at home, if she is buying mens razors or vitamins for men, chances are that she is probably not buying those for herself

Most guys don’t even think about approaching women in the grocery store, don’t be like the rest of the guys out there. There is an old saying that says «Do what everybody else does and you will get what everybody else gets» This is very true when approaching women, most guys think you can only meet women in bars and clubs, this is not true.

Next time you pop into the grocery store have a look around, start approaching women there you have nothing to lose and everything to gain, plus you now have a great opener, try it see what happens, let me know how it goes.

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