The latest cougar (Puma concolor) ‘s the prominent of the about three wild kitties into the Canada and you may try an overwhelming hunter

The latest cougar (Puma concolor) ‘s the prominent of the about three wild kitties into the Canada and you may try an overwhelming hunter

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Cougar Picture

Also, they are labeled as hill lions, pumas and you can panthers. He’s strict carnivores one to mainly feast upon deer and their delivery and therefore aligns firmly with your a couple deer variety. These kitties try white brownish during the the color and generally are quickly understood by the compact head and you will a long heavier tail that is about you to definitely-third the duration of themselves and has a black suggestion.

Cougars make up just as much as 2,500 calls with the Preservation Manager Provider reporting line on a yearly basis, but not of a lot said cougar sightings turn out to be dogs most other than cougars. Cougar periods are very uncommon, but if you come upon a cougar, keep calm and never run. Make yourself look as big as you can easily and back off slow, remaining the newest cougar in view, and you will enabling a very clear leave to the cougar. If attacked, always fight back and not “enjoy inactive”. If traveling with small children, pick them up instantaneously. Children are very at stake during the a cougar stumble on plus they are taught how-to behave appropriately (select «Children and you can Cougars» from inside the «Safety») to remain safer.

So you can report cougars incompatible, sightings when you look at the urban areas, otherwise a beneficial cougar showing uncommon otherwise aggressive habits, call the fresh new Preservation Officer Services at the step 1-877-952-7277.

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Wild Cougar Situations

  • Cougars is also dash to over 70 kilometer/hr
  • Cougar songs commonly run out of claw scratches as they keeps retractable claws
  • Cougars was extensively marketed while in the BC and have the one of the largest types ranges about Northern hemisphere
  • Cougars are definitely the largest insane felines throughout the province followed by lynx and you will bobcat
  • Cougars is rigid carnivores that always look deer but are known to help you destroy almost every other ungulates such as for instance sheep, elk and you can moose, in addition to small animals


Cougars include white brownish in the colour which have light spots underneath the mouth and you can bottom part. They may be acknowledged by the compact head and you can long heavy tail that’s throughout the you to definitely-3rd the length of themselves and contains a black colored suggestion. Cougar tracks has actually large padded prints with no claws indicating. Instance residential cats, cougars keep their claws retracted up until necessary for assaulting the prey otherwise hiking trees.


Cougars are single dogs because they don’t really work with anybody else to own survival objectives apart from when people that happen to be raising their more youthful and in case mating. Although not, current studies show you to definitely associated cougars tend to socialize briefly from the kill websites. Cougars often generally speaking spouse year round in western Canada discover an increase in mating and you can birthing between May and October.

They typically have between you to definitely six kittens but around three ‘s the mediocre. Kittens will always be through its mothers until he’s eleven in order to 18 weeks dated and you will afterwards commonly move searching for another type of town to settle inside the. People commonly hop out earliest and can wander much time ranges while lady have a tendency to accept contained in this and you can close to the area where these people were created.

Cougars are carnivores as well as their chief prey are mule and you will light-tailed deer; they also victimize any kind of ungulates included in the variety as well as . Within the winter months nevertheless they victim abreast of moose, beavers as well as porcupines. On the unusual circumstances these are generally filed in order to eliminate brief animals, birds and you may reptiles.

Once the deer are among the cougar’s primary restaurants source, discover a beneficial possibility of searching for cougars using a location where deer are plentiful, particularly a good wintering area.

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